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The 2016 World Arts Film Festival's Student Kaleidoscope Awards are presented to student films selected from those entered in the competitions conducted by the festival. Film students from all over the world may compete for the festival's awards with student films being judged in every festival category. Through the Student Kaleidoscope Awards, the Festival recognizes, encourages and mentors new filmmakers. 

The World Arts Film Festival includes categories in:

Short Film Narrative Fiction, Documentary, Animation, New Media (includes Music Video, Public Service, Mobile, and Webisodes), Experimental, and Student Programs.

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:: World Arts Vocational Workshops ::


Internships & Volunteer Opportunities, student film & tv opportunities based in Jacksonville, Florida. Working with industry professionals and educators to provide support to World Arts Education programs. We are very grateful to this project sponsor since 2014: The HEAL Foundation



Congratulations Dani great event! See you at the next World Arts Film Festival! For More Information about Dani's Animation Workshops, please contact program producer, Karen Sadler, to arrange an animation workshop with Dani Bowman for your community! 

Student ID, a student film & tv production workshop. Working with industry professionals and educators to provide support for students to produce their own programming for local broadcast. Features student filmmakers, interviews and short films. 


WHAT'S NEW:  Student ID workshops are available to create film and media studies programs. Please contact us for details.

:: World Arts Media: Interview Sessions with Students, Filmmakers and Industry Guests


Thanks to Douglas Anderson Cinematic Arts students for working with World Arts Education to create this four day series of films about One Spark 2014 event in Jacksonville, FL.

Young Directors:

Meet Gabrielle Bautista. Learn more about her student films.

Gabrielle Part 2: Talking with Director/Producer Gabrielle Bautista

Meet Director Chase Finn. Learn about the What's For Lunch Project featured during World Arts Film Festival 2013

Chase Question 1: Talking with Director Chase Finn

News from The Road To The Red Carpet . . .

Chase Finn, World Arts Film Festival's Kaleidoscope Award Winner for Student Film 2013 at Chateau Marmont, Hollywood CA. this week with Film Actor and Director, Clark Johnson, Advisory Board Chairman, World Arts Film Festival. (11/2013)

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Photo Credit: Joey Travolta and Mia Mantegna are interviewed on CBS News 9 Los Angeles

Year-round programs & workshops are available for all ages and for all abilities. Want to make more programs like these possible for your school and community?

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“Our task is to educate their (our students) whole being so they can face the future. We may not see the future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

"It's about who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going, and who we want to be." -ITVS

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