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Thank you in advance to all of the artists and educators who have made our programs possible each year. We work with community partners around the world.

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G.R.A.S.P. Choice Academy - Film Workshops with World Arts premiered four short films on Opening Day! Students were stage to discuss their work. (2014)

Inaugural annual GEN WOW on November 6th "The Positive and The Possible" Mentoring Day. Sponsored by Generation W. More


Excerpt from a short film by first-time filmmakers/students of Dr. Karen Patterson, Chair, Department of Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education, COEHS, UNF

Produced by FilmLab for World Arts Education. New collaboration with World Arts' programs and filmmaking camps.  FilmLab

* Teens and young adults enrolled in our programs & festival camps receive industry-based opportunities for internships & jobs.

 Short films are more than a starting point for new directors, actors and producers, they are an independent art form. We are working with our community partners to build year-round vocational film programs and provide production services. 


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"On one hand I want no acknowledgement of my disability because I want my art to be its own acknowledgement.  And yet at the same time I do want my disability known because there is a certain fight I have to fight as an artist that has nothing to do with my art and everything to do with my disability." -Anonymous


*shared by Marian Winters, Executive Director, VSA Florida (Very Special Arts) 2013


In 2002, Steven Spielberg finally finished college after a 33-year hiatus. He turned in the feature film "Schindler’s List" for his student film requirement.

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* All film clips created by WAE youth film crews! Check back soon for more!